The Bobbi Brown Make-up Lesson

So the other week I had lunch with the lovely girls from Bobbi Brown (where I happened to see Taylor Swift in Bills, sat 3 metres away from me..), but I mentioned that I had never had my make up done at Bobbi Brown. By the next day, this had been changed and I was booked in to have the 'Pretty Powerful' makeover. It was done at the Selfridges counter, with the lovely Amalie who taught me some skills I never had! The look is very similar to my day to day look, but with a little upgrade to it.

I went with the aim to learn how to do winged liner for my eye shape, as well as to try a certain foundation from them. Amalie started by introducing me to some of the skincare bits, including the Hydrating Rich Cream Cleanser, Hydrating Face Tonic, Hydrating Eye Cream and Extra Soothing Balm. My skin was extremely dry that day, so she made sure my skin was hydrated before applying the foundation. For concealer, sticking with the Creamy Concealer in Sand and Eye Brightener in Porcelain Peach to hide the dark circles and any redness I had. The foundation I wanted to try was the Tinted Extra Balm SPF25 in Light, which is a very light coverage but also extremely hydrating. I saw it first on Essie Button, who loved it at the time! Followed up with a little powder in Pale Yellow to ensure the t-zone was matte. A tiny little of the Pot Rouge in Fresh Melon was applied on the tops of my cheeks, which I wasn't too sure on, but that's mainly because I'm not used to wearing blush.
Onto the brows, there was a little Eyeshadow in Grey applied through them using the eyebrow brush. I never thought of using a grey eyeshadow for my brows, but after seeing it on Buy Now, Blog Later, I was intrigued. A tiny bit of Heather Long Wear Cream Shadow was applied to my lid, to be used as a primer for the eyeliner to stick. I already own Heather Eyeshadow, which was actually my first ever Bobbi Brown purchase, so I knew I would like that shade. For the eyeliner, Granite Ink Gel Liner and Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush were used to create the perfect flick.
I learnt that with my eye shape, I could create a flick at any angle as it's very universal. But that the trick was to follow my waterline up to my brows as a guideline. This is not new news to me, but to see someone actually do it on my eyes made me realise what it actually means. I learnt that doing little strokes along the lash line, rather than one long one, will be better to create a perfect line. 

Practice makes perfect, so I'll show you my progress soon enough.

Luce x