The Multiple Uses of Coconut Oil

After reading about how good coconut oil can be for multiple things, I went looking in the kitchen cupboards and came across this tub of pure 100% coconut oil. Now the main use for it is to cook with, but take it in the bathroom and there are a whole load of other ways to use it!

Use it as a pre-shampoo hair mask. Take a large dollop of it, coat your hair from ear downwards and leave it on for however long you feel. My hair is extremely dry so when I have the time, I have been using this rather than reaching for something similar to the Philip Kingsley hair mask. I wouldn't recommend putting it near your scalp, as it can be a little tricky to wash out.
Dry ends? Warm a little of this between your fingers and rub a little onto the ends. In the weeks before I need a hair cut, my ends can become a little wispy and dry looking but this solves all the problems. Again, don't use too much or you will need to wash your hair and I'm all about preventing that.
If you're nearing the end of your cleanser, try this out. I took about half a table spoon of the oil, warmed it up between my fingers and massaged onto my skin. As it's a solid oil, it does turn into an oil cleanser but it really does remove all your make up, including mascara. Wash it off with water and a flannel, follow with a moisturiser and you're good to go.
Another option for the skin, especially the drier skin types, would be to use it a moisture mask. Now I wouldn't really use it as a moisturiser (even though you could), but apply a thick layer onto the skin, leave it on for a while and wash it off. For the people you have been wanting to try either the Origins or Clinique offerings, it's a good one to use before you buy the real thing.
Forget Bio Oil, use it for stretch marks and scars. Now I don't mean year old scars as they are quite hard to remove, but if you have any new (unwanted) additions, get rubbing. I have a few spotted around my body and I've been using an oil on them for a while now, and I can see them fading already.
Lastly, if you're having a day where you're wearing only a little make up, try using this as a highlighter. Just like Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream, pop it along the cheekbones and it can give a real natural sheen to the skin.

You can pick up a tub of this in most supermarkets, Whole Foods or on Cult Beauty as RMS have their own version. If you have any other ways of using it, let me know!

Luce x