The New Thing: MAC Huggable Lip Colour

It's not often that I get excited about a MAC limited edition collection, in fact I have never bought anything from a collection. There have been times I wished I picked something up, there is a certain peachy pink lipstick I am praying comes back around. So this time it was a little different, I'm hooked on the new MAC lipsticks. MAC Huggable Lip Colours are 12 new lipsticks out on counters now. They are limited edition so if you like the look of them, get one now as they're gonna be a hit.

I have the shade Commotion*, which is a deep cool plum. It's a very strange formula, a gel base which proves a lasting, glossy finish which is hugely pigmented. They 'hug' your lipsticks all day and are available in hues that stay bright for up to 6 hours. I tend to look towards a matte lipstick for high pigment, but these are incredible as well as staying glossy throughout the day. If you do prefer a matte look, you're able to pat it down to a matte finish and build it up in layers. I have done that a few times now and I found that it sat in the same way as a stain would.

The shades range from a light beige all the way to a deep auburn, so there is something for everyone. Priced at £17.50, which is pretty standard for MAC as they always have incredibly high standards. 

Luce x