The No Foundation Foundation and Concealer

Every time I have typed this title, it was deleting the second 'foundation', but it's correct, Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation* and No Concealer Concealer* likes to repeat words. If you're looking for a medium to full coverage foundation, then this isn't what you want as it's very light coverage, lighter than a tinted moisturiser.

The No Foundation Foundation contains SPF 30, which is going to be perfect for the summer. But in reality, it's a multi-tasking translucent foundation with a high dosage of Vitamin C in there too. If you apply it with your fingers, it's a lot less coverage so I've been using it with a buffing brush and applying one pumps worth. If you're any paler than I am, go for the Fair version, as this is even a tad too dark for me. That's why I'm thinking it will be perfect for the summer, combined with the SPF30 it will match my tanned face. It has all the benefits of a BB or CC cream, as it's a treatment and a cosmetic at the same time. Containing Alpha Lipoic Acid, it emphasises the skin's natural moisture. The finish of the foundation is semi-matte but it will leave you with healthy glowing looking skin.
The No Concealer Concealer is an anti-ageing eye treatment and again, it contains SPF 35. It comes in one shade, which is a bit crap as it's not suitable for most skin tones, but it's fairly neural and I can assume a lot of people can use it. Suitable for both camouflaging imperfections and dark circles, but I would advise to use an eye cream before using under the eyes. I have been using it as an eye primer too, as it really helps smooth out any lines and is a great base. It may be anti-ageing but that's something I'm not too bothered about.

I've really been enjoying these two products, just slapping them on when I'm in a rush on the morning (which is every day).

Luce x