Notes On Beauty : March

Throughout March, I made an extra effort to take care of my skin to make sure it would go back to being the best it can be. With the change of a contraceptive, my skin had a slight freak out so I took this opportunity to fine tune my skincare line-up with new variations of products I already loved. 


I use cleansing oils every single day and I've tried so many different ones. You could say that they all do the same thing, as they kinda do, but I'm picky with mine as I want it to melt makeup away instantly and for it to smell delicious. The Caudalie Cleansing Oil ticks all of those boxes. It smells like a glass of Disaronno (my favourite alcoholic drink), two pumps of the stuff for all the make-up on your face and it won't sting your eyes if it gets inside them. A lot of the cleansing oils I have tried over the years often have a thick oil texture, which I don't like and this is quite the opposite. A silky thin oil texture which is super slippery, something which you need to massage the mascara off your eyes. Plus points as it removes waterproof mascara too! Would I repurchase it? Definitely! I have another brand I'd like to use afterwards, along with many other cleansers which need using up, but this is a cleanser I would keep going back to. 


I've been using Bioderma for years now, it's my go-to makeup remover and will continue to be that. I've been using the Bioderma Sensibio Micellar water, which is suited to sensitive skin, as that's the most famous one. But when I was last in Paris, I spotted this one and went for it instead. This is the Bioderma Hydrabio H20 Micellar Water, a makeup remover formulated for dehydrated skin. When I used the Sensibio version, I often felt as though my skin was a little tight afterwards, knowing it was drying my skin out but I carried on using it as it was brilliant at removing eye makeup. I was pleasantly surprised that the Hydrabio version didn't do that at all, I noticed it from the first use. It removes my makeup in the exact same way, just feels a whole lot better for my skin. If you're worried about dry/dehydrated skin and are in the market for a new micellar water, check this out in your local Boots store!


Bobbi Brown is my go-to brand for a good foundation, the brand just gets skin so well and I love how that all their foundations look undetectable on the skin. For about four months now, I've been reaching for the Skin Foundation most mornings. It feels weightless on the skin, it's invisible and it offers the perfect amount of light coverage. I use a small pea sized amount for my face, which offers light coverage on the skin. On top of that, Bobbi Brown offer the best range of shades I've ever seen. I use Sand for the majority of the year, but when I'm a little more tanned, I move up to Warm Sand. If you're looking for a natural finish with extra hydration, this is the one for you. 



Oh look, another post where I mention Burberry Eyeshadow in Pale Barleyshocking! But seriously, I do believe everyone needs this eyeshadow, whether you have lots of makeup or not. This month or so, I can't stand looking at myself when I wear lots of makeup, especially eyeshadow. It just doesn't look like me, which is something I'm not aiming for. I'm all about super easy makeup which looks natural, dewy and as if I wouldn't look out of place in the French Riviera dressed head to toe in Isabel Marant. You get the vibe I'm going for? So one of the only few things which have been gracing my eyelids was Pale Barley, as it makes me a little more alive and easily takes my day makeup to an evening. I swipe a fluffy eyeshadow brush into the shadow and swipe it onto my lids, I'm done for the night basically. 



I never thought I had a signature scent, as I've never really worn the same fragrance for years - I like to switch it up depending on my mood. But after having dinner with a friend the other night, he mentioned he liked my perfume and that it always reminds him of me. Sweet compliment, especially as it came from a guy who doesn't care about my love for beauty. It just made me realise that Stella by Stella McCartney is my signature scent. It's the only fragrance which I've asked for, for Christmas more than once! Fragrances are hard to describe, as they're always so personal and you either like them or you don't. As for Stella, it's certainly a floral fragrance, which is super feminine yet I feel like it's super modern, how more so I feel like a modern woman when wearing it.