Raspberry & Acai Smoothie Bowl

Remember last year when I shared my way of making the infamous acai bowl? I'm back again with a 2016 update!

Although I know that an acai bowl isn't the cheapest thing to make, as if you're using the frozen acai smoothie packs, they ain't cheap to buy. Or even if you're using the powder, you want to be able to make it last that bit longer so that's why I'm sharing this version. I'm coming to the end of my supply of the Amacai Frozen Smoothie Packs, so I want to be able to enjoy the last few until I re-order them. That's where the raspberry (or any other berry you choose to use) comes in!

1 frozen Acai smoothie pack
2 frozen bananas
1 handful of fresh berries (or frozen)
1 tbsp of milled flaxseed
1 tbsp of pea protein powder (optional)
1 cup of water (sometimes I use soy milk to make it creamy)


Top with:
Granola (I made this myself & added in chopped dates & goji berries)
Chia Seeds (I buy mine from Naturya)
Cacao Nibs (Again, mine are from Naturya)