Sunday Snapshot #5

Hello, hi, how are you? I feel like I haven't just sat down and spoke to you all, if this is speaking to you... Who knows but I feel like I have my blogging mojo back. I go through periods of loving it and then not loving it so much, but I've been insanely inspired recently, hence the new layout too. Although I still wish I could change a few things about it, I'm content with it for now. 
I feel like everything has changed recently, when in reality all which has changed is that I'm starting a new job tomorrow, which is exciting. As you may have noticed, I never really share too much about my work on here and it'll most likely stay that way but you may see the odd bit here and then on Instagram/Twitter. And for the things which have been inspiring me - 

  • Have you seen the Emilia Clarke editorial on Violet Grey? She's my current obsession since seeing Me Before You (which I absolutely sobbed my heart out at) and since finally starting Game of Thrones.
  • I've recently read every article on Faithful Travels, a new blog by Faithful The Brand. Be sure to check it out if you want your inner traveller awaken. 
  • The above also led me to Tuula blog, a travel/fashion blog I have read for a while now but had forgotten to check for a while. Be sure to look at her Sri Lanka diaries as it has certainly made me want to go to India/Sri Lanka even more!
  • If you're a coffee lover and live in NY, you need to look at the Man Repeller Guide to Best Iced Coffee. As soon as I read it, I forwarded it to my long-time close friend, Luke from NevNYC, who is currently living in NY. I have been itching to head out there to see the city but may have to wait till the winter passes.
  • But if you're in London, you need to go to The Parlour in Fortnum & Mason. I went there last week for afternoon tea and my god, the mint & dark chocolate ice cream is something from heaven.
  • You may have seen this but my good friend Suzie from Hello October has launched her jewellery line with Mejuri. Having known about this for a year now, I have been so excited for it to launch as I just knew that it would be beautiful and it didn't disappoint. Suz, I'm insanely proud of you. 
  • Even with the random showers we have every day now in London, these sandals from Next have been on my feet and I am absolutely obsessed. Although the leather dye has been coming onto my skin a little every day, they are insanely comfortable and at such a low price.
  • If you're in the need of a good manicure in central London, check out Nails & Brows at Greek Park. I've been there a few times now but this past week I went for a shellac manicure & pedicure and haven't walked away so happy before. 
  • Have you heard of The Working Women's Club? It's a site/concept which has been created by Phoebe Lovatt, London girl based in New York and I am obsessed with. As some of you may know already, I'm obsessed with podcasts so I was excited to see she also has a podcast talking to kickass women. Listen to this podcast with Glossier's Annie Kreighbaum talking about creating a brand and the voice behind it, it's very interesting if you consider anything about your blog/social media a brand. 
  • The above image was taken yesterday over at the Weleda gardens in the Midlands. I'm a huge fan of the Weleda Skin Food (more on that soon) so I was excited to see behind the scenes of the gardens. But look out for more of that coming this week! 


Hands up if you have D+ size boobs and find it impossible to find cute supportive bras? You're not alone and I have been on a mission lately to find them. I am all for a wired non-padded bra, but would prefer to have more option than just plain white or black from M&S basic line. After going through so many bras in the past, I have finally came across a selection of brands which offer both cute, practical and just damn right sexy options.

Rosie for Autograph at M&STrust Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to create beautiful underwear, I mean just look at the woman. Although many of the bras don't go higher than an E cup size, I can always find beautiful underwear here. The majority of my undies are from this selection as they have created so many different styles but which suit fuller boobs.
Bra StopBra Stop is a new website to me, but it's an online site which offer both underwear and swimwear suitable for D+ boobs. They offer a large selection of Heidi Klum underwear, which is certainly worth the price. I have this set and can assure you that this is the best fitting bra I have worn in a very long time. Although I don't usually buy light coloured underwear (I'm not very good at doing a light wash), this is the perfect light pink matching set. 
Oh So Lovely Intimates - One thing I want to make sure is known is that people with D+ bras CAN wear those cute little triangle bras. I always choose one with a underwire in it so that there is some support, but I do own a few without the underwire which I still happily wear. Oh So Lovely Intimates is a brand I have been following online for a while now as they have such a beautiful Instagram page but their bras are also just as lovely. I particularly have my eye on the Wildflower Bralette, Katrina Bondage Bralette and Mimi Underwire Bra
This may be an obvious one but they have the best selection of luxury underwear out there. You can everything from practical Wonderbras but also the least practical underwear ever from La Perla!