Natural Beauty : Tata Harper

Until earlier this year, I had read so much about Tata Harper but never tried any of their products. Now I am completely obsessed and cannot imagine not using many of their products in my routine.

So, tell me about the brand!

Tata Harper is a 100% natural, organic and non-toxic skincare routine, so you could say that it's better for your skin and environment than other brands. Known as one of the world's most bioactive, super natural skincare lines, it's earned its place on many people's skincare shelves. Something I love about the brand and products is that each ingredient has a purpose, whether it's hydrating, clarifying, protecting or firming, nothing is added except to add to its brilliance. To know more about Tata Harper herself, I would highly recommend this article on Forbes about her history. Tata's aim was to create a skincare line which gave you the results of La Mer mixed with botox but which was 100% natural and non-toxic. This was all spurred on after her step-dad was diagnosed with cancer and the doctor asked them to avoid certain ingredients, which turned out to be in almost everything.

What products do you recommend?

Having only tried the four products photographed, I have limited reviews, however, I was impressed from the get go. I will note that the products aren't cheap, but you need to take into mind what goes into products like these and I am 100% investing in these products from now on after seeing how well my skin reacted to them. 
Refreshing Cleanser This is possibly the nicest cream cleanser I have ever used. It's the perfect everyday cleanser for those with sensitive skin, or all skin types actually as it's so gentle. I use it in the morning, straight onto dry skin before splashing off with water, as a quick cleanse. In the evening, I use it either to remove my makeup if I'm only wearing a little or as a second cleanse if my skin is feeling a little delicate. Containing willow bark which is naturally high in salicylic acid, aloe vera to calm and accelerate repair of damaged tissue and pomegranate enzymes which provide deep cleansing. It's a non-foaming cleanser which leaves the skin feeling supple and refreshed. I have the 125ml bottle which I have used one pump of nearly every skin day and it has lasted me since the end of March this year. I am nearing the end of it and will 100% repurchase it. 
Regenerating Cleanser I will be honest and say that this wasn't my first port of call, as it was accidentally sent to me from a PR instead of another, but I quickly started to use it on a regular basis and love it. Perfect for those who need a daily exfoliating and clarifying treatment and combination/oily skin. For me, I use two small pumps of this cleanser a few times a week for a gentle exfoliate after removing all my makeup. The apricot seed kernels provide a gentle exfoliant, while it also contains willow park, pink clay and aloe vera. I wouldn't recommend it for overly sensitive skin as using an exfoliating cleanser every day will be too much for your skin. 
Repairative Moisturiser This is the only product which disappointed me slightly, as for my skin, it wasn't enough hydration at all and I have dry skin, which is what this is targeted for. I would describe this as a fluid moisturiser which is suited to more normal/dehydrated skin, not for someone with super dry skin as it's not going to give you the supple skin you wish for. On top of that, the product was quickly used up and for the price, it will turn out to be a serious investment. That is only my opinion and I have read some amazing reviews about this product, but it just wasn't for me. 
Resurfacing MaskIf you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, you will know that I am thoroughly obsessed with this mask. Meant for achieving 'instant glow', I can assure you that it delivered exactly that. From the first time I used this, I saw immediate results and a visible difference in the look in my skin, something I have never experienced in another mask. It refreshes and softens the skin while drawing out any impurities from beneath the surface using a mixture of clay and natural fruit acids. I find that to see the best results, I apply a thick layer of the mask and leave to dry for 20-30 minutes (for those with sensitive skin, leave it on for only 10 minutes) before washing off. Perfect to use on a Sunday night before a long week or before you head out on a Saturday night to give your skin that extra glow. It is a pricey mask but I have already repurchased it once after the first pot lasted me around 2 and a half months after using it around once a week. 


Would I recommend the brand?

100% yes! I have fallen in love with this brand and have since repurchased both the Refreshing Cleanser and Resurfacing Mask. Although it is pricey, it's a brand to invest in, plus you're investing in your skin. There are many more products I am itching to try out but forcing myself to use up other products before purchasing them.

The brand is available to buy on Cult Beauty