Things I've Finished : Bio-Essence Jelly Makeup Remover

I was sorting through my skincare at the weekend and I realised that many of my products are coming to the end, so I thought I would take full advantage of that and share an honest short review of each of them. Starting off with the Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water Jelly Makeup Remover, which is basically a micellar water face wash. 

Thoughts? If you like giving your face a quick wipe of micellar water in the morning, rather than using a face wash (which is what I do most mornings), but you do would like an easy face wash - you need this. Although it has a ridiculously long name, it literally is just a gel face wash which removes dirt/makeup like a micellar water, except there is no foam or emulsifying happening. But it also removes makeup like no other, it dissolves it instantly and a splash of water will remove it. It's a silky smooth jelly texture, almost thicker than water, which won't tug on the skin. 

The downsides? It's not good for sensitive skins, as it can it a little tight afterwards, as well as it hurting like a bitch if it gets into your eyes. Whereas I'm used to opening my eyes if I have cleanser on my eyes, I am unable to do it when using this. Also the smell, it's not the most natural smell. I'm used to using something which smells of rose or something similar, so this is the complete opposite. Honestly, it smells like a stripping shampoo, which is both good and bad in my eyes. There may be no sulphates in it, but it can leave your skin a little dry and tight, so you definitely need to follow up with a thick moisturiser or a cream cleanser if you're using it on an evening. 

Will I repurchase it? No, not right now. I would in the future, but I'm only not repurchasing it as I have two bottles of the La Roche Posay Makeup Remover Micellar Water Gel to use up, which is honestly the same thing.

If you're into Asian skincare, want to have a browse of the brand or want to purchase the product, it's available on Cult Beauty