The Do It All Moisturiser

Weleda is a fairly new brand to me, but I have known about it for a long time now. I will go into the brand further into another post I have coming up as right now, I need to share my love for this moisturiser. Weleda Skin Food, literally food for all skin. It's one of those moisturisers which seems to do everything and more, which is why I have been carrying one around with me everywhere for a while now. 

It was created in 1926 and it hasn't been changed since as so many people have loved it since the beginning.  It has a thick base of oils and beeswax, with notes of chamomile, viola tricolour and calendula. Being a 100% natural product, it does what it says on the tube and will definitely give you results. Don't be put off by how thick the moisturiser is, as it can be quickly warmed up with your fingers to a thinner consistency. Although it can be a little too thick for some people to use all over their face, it's perfect for any sunburn or scrapes as it takes away the redness quickly and rehydrates the surface. Forgot your highlighter or lip balm? No worries, this adds a sheen to the tops of the cheekbones if used as a highlighter and a super hydrating lip balm. It's a celebrity favourite (Victoria Beckham has spoken out multiple times saying she loves it) and also it's a staple product backstage throughout fashion weeks across the world.

I predominately use it a face moisturiser but you can use it all over your body, wherever may need moisturising. On an evening, I will go ahead with my skincare routine earlier in the evening and apply my usual facial oil as it sinks quickly into my dehydrated skin. So just before its lights out, I will apply a pea-sized amount of the product onto my face to slowly skin in throughout the night. Many mornings I can still feel the product on my skin slightly, or more so, my skin just feels super hydrated which I love. It's not something I use in the morning due to it not being the best base to apply makeup on top of. 

It's an all rounder product everyone should have on their bedside table or in their handbag and due to the low price tag, it's cheap enough to own multiple. The 75ml size is only £9.95 (don't buy it from Liberty as they whack the price up) and the small 30ml size costs as little as a fiver. I was surprised when I learnt how little it costs and it's stocked in most Holland & Barrett stores, pharmacies and all major online beauty sites.